Friday, 18 July 2008

Another Fine Mess - Million Smiles

As requested by Trevor (also the name of one of my cats, coincidentally), here is the album by legendary Worcester band Another Fine Mess - Million Smiles.

This is in an early 90s indie rock/punk style and to be honest isn't really all that good, but what the hell.

Drop Zone Records 1994


01 - Another Fine Mess - Smile
02 - Another Fine Mess - Now Way Out
03 - Another Fine Mess - Million Miles Away
04 - Another Fine Mess - Yesterday
05 - Another Fine Mess - I Remember You
06 - Another Fine Mess - No Place
07 - Another Fine Mess - Was It Me
08 - Another Fine Mess - Hilary
09 - Another Fine Mess - Perfect Lemon Pop
10 - Another Fine Mess - Apologise
11 - Another Fine Mess - Glarehead

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Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Witness - I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors 12"

One of the more abrasive bands on the C86 compilation tape, A Witness are one of my favourite of the mid-80s Ron Johnson Records bands. The band was from Cheshire, they broke up after the guitarist's accidental death in 1989. This is their last single, posthumously released.

Vinyl Drip 1990


A - A Witness - I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors
B1 - A Witness - Tomorrow Never Knows
B2 - A Witness - Razors Lifestyle Mix

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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Seize - Everybody Dies 7"

I first heard a song off this single from one of Hyped 2 Death's Bad Teeth compilations. That series was dedicated to UK punk (hence the name) and has sadly been discontinued. I emailed Chuck at H2D and he said they stopped doing it because there were plenty of other people doing a better job of compiling the same stuff - I have to disagree, there were plenty of songs on the Bad Teeth comps I have that I haven't seen on any Killed By Death or Bloodstains Across The UK comps. I'd love to see a resurrected Bad Teeth series.

The band released a few other 7"s in the early 80s and in the late 80s a 12" with a different sound, almost like a C86-era indie band rather than a punk band. I'll post that record later.

Why Not Records 1982


A1 - Seize - Everybody Dies
A2 - Seize - 17 To 11
B1 - Seize - In For Me
B2 - Seize - Out Of Order

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Another Fine Mess - Demo Tape

I grew up in Worcester, England, a city not known for its musical heritage. In fact it's a city not known for anything much apart from sauce. I was in my teens in the early 90s and started going to see bands play in pubs like the Horn & Trumpet. Another Fine Mess were the best band I saw there, although I have to give a shout out to the Berts as well.

This is their demo tape from I guess around 1993 or so. It's indie/punk in a sort of Mega City Four style. I think the highlight of this band's career was probably opening for Pop Will Eat Itself.

They released one album "Million Smiles" which I may post later if anyone cares.


1 - Was It Me
2 - What Do You Know
3 - Million Miles Away

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Snuff Rock 7"

I'm not sure if the band's name was officially Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias or Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias (the latter seems to make more sense) but it's spelt Lost on this single.

The Albertos were a comedy musical troupe, for this release they spoofed the 1977 punk scene, and in doing so produced one of my favourite punk songs ever - "Kill". The rest of this EP's not bad either, although the reggae song sucks. The band's stage show at this time ended with the singer faking his suicide, hence the title Snuff Rock.

Stiff Records 1977


A1 - Kill
A2 - Gobbin' On Life
B1 - Snuffin' Like That
B2 - Snuffin' In A Babylon

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Friday, 16 May 2008

Victory Acres / Joke Flowers split LP

This was a request of mine kindly filled by Donut Duck from The Blasting Concept

Released on Placebo Records, home to the JFA, the US Conflict etc.

Featuring members of Meat Puppets, Mighty Sphincter, Feederz & Sun City Girls.


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dangerous Girls - Man In The Glass 7"

The Dangerous Girls were from Birmingham, England, and guess what - THERE WERE NO GIRLS IN THE BAND! Blimey. The band name came from a newspaper headline.

I was happy to note that both this and their first (eponymous) single was recorded really near to where I grew up - Kempsey in Worcestershire, I believe at the same studio as the 1st Lurkers album. Both sides of the 1st single have just been reissued on Messthetics, so I'm posting this one instead - the B side has been on one of the older bootleg Messthetics albums. The song Dangerous Girls is an all-time classic. So Buy Messthetics!

Human Records 1980


A - Dangerous Girls - Man In The Glass
B - Dangerous Girls - MO7S

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where 7''

Jeri Rossi used to be in Your Funeral, about whom I know nothing, so if anyone has any of their stuff please let me know! This is all she released solo, unless I'm mistaken. The A-side was reissued on Hyped 2 Death's Homework series a few years ago.

Local Anesthetic 1983


A - Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
B - Jeri Rossi - It's A Mans Mans Mans World

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Pocket Fishrmen - The Leader Is Burning 7"

First heard of this single because it was in that box of John Peel's favourite records. Found a copy of it not long afterwards in a shop in Camden.

The band later released an album called Future Gods Of Rock in 1993, but it's not up to much unfortunately. Unlike this single!

Noiseville Records 1989


A - Pocket Fishrmen - The Leader Is Burning
B - Pocket Fishrmen - Yr Story

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Stretchheads - Five Fingers Four Thingers A Thumb A Facelift And A New Identity LP

Jarring post-hardcore noise rock from Scotland here. A bit like the Ex but more abrasive and swapping the politics for absurdism. With added Kylie Minogue cover.

Moksha Records 1988


A01 - Stretchheads - Fans
A02 - Stretchheads - Long Faced German
A03 - Stretchheads - Headache
A04 - Stretchheads - Asylum Suck
A05 - Stretchheads - Skinrip
A06 - Stretchheads - Yiddish Yoddle
A07 - Stretchheads - Shape & Cleanse
A08 - Stretchheads - Land Of Ming
A09 - Stretchheads - Rex Perplexed
A10 - Stretchheads - Semtex
A11 - Stretchheads - Untitled
B01 - Stretchheads - I Should Be So Lucky
B02 - Stretchheads - Confront
B03 - Stretchheads - Sidatorium
B04 - Stretchheads - Spleng
B05 - Stretchheads - Archive Footage Of A Fish
B06 - Stretchheads - Jaw Box
B07 - Stretchheads - Chicken Fish
B08 - Stretchheads - Everything's Going To Brake In A Minute
B09 - Stretchheads - Illness
B10 - Stretchheads - Cancer
B11 - Stretchheads - Shut Up

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VA - Life's Tough For The Stupid 2x7"

Double 7" compilation of scumrock from this Philadelphia label.

Rave Records 1990


A - More Fiends - Big Tea Party
B - Starvation Army - Conquistador
C - Big Thing - De Nile
D - Reverb Motherfuckers - Ballad

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The Runs - Bun In The Oven 7"

As far as I know this is the Runs' only single. The band was from Buntingford, Hertfordshire. It was only released in Germany with a picture sleeve, which I managed to find. It has the same song on both sides, but some of the more risque words are bleeped out on the Censored version - not that they're particularly rude - it's just stuff like "pill" and "coil".

Rocktopus Records 1980


A - Bun In The Oven
B - Bun In The Oven (Censored)

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Saturday, 3 May 2008

This Country

I'd like to dedicate this tune to the citizens of London.


Monday, 7 April 2008

Happy Flowers - My Skin Covers My Body LP

Brilliant noise rock from Mr Anus & Mr Horribly Charred Infant!

Homestead Records 1987.


A1 - Happy Flowers - The Sun That Burns
A2 - Happy Flowers - Left Behind
A3 - Happy Flowers - Jenny Tried To Kiss Me At Recess
A4 - Happy Flowers - Toastfire
A5 - Happy Flowers - Why Didn't You Tell Me You Were Bringing Home A Baby
A6 - Happy Flowers - Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
B1 - Happy Flowers - Not Fade Away
B2 - Happy Flowers - I'm Bored
B3 - Happy Flowers - Let Me See Your Hand
B4 - Happy Flowers - Stop Eating
B5 - Happy Flowers - I Wet The Bed Again
B6 - Happy Flowers - If It Was Broken You'd Be Screaming
B7 - Happy Flowers - Love Theme From Kiss

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Infest - No Man's Slave 12''

This is a posthumous release from this legendary extreme hardcore band. The music was recorded in 1995, the vocals were added in 2000. You can't tell though - this could just have well have been made in their heyday in the late 80s. Awesome hardcore thrash!!!

Deep Six Records 2002.


A01 - Infest - Cold Inside
A02 - Infest - Feeling Mean
A03 - Infest - Sick Machine
A04 - Infest - Upright Mass
A05 - Infest - Terminal Nation
A06 - Infest - In His Name
A07 - Infest - Behind This Tongue
A08 - Infest - What's Your Claim
A09 - Infest - True Violence
A10 - Infest - Sickman
A11 - Infest - Punchline
A12 - Infest - Contact
B01 - Infest - Effort Falls Down
B02 - Infest - You're A Star
B03 - Infest - Freeze Dried
B04 - Infest - Rabid Pigs
B05 - Infest - Lying To Myself
B06 - Infest - Nazi Killer
B07 - Infest - My World... My Way

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Bogshed - Brutal LP

Yes, more indie. I've got Infest coming, don't worry.

Bogshed were one of the harsher bands on the C86 compilation. Nowadays C86 stands for the twee/indiepop bands like Pastels/Shop Assistants/Talulah Gosh etc (which I also love) but there was a lot of left-field stuff like Big Flame, Stump, Shrubs etc on there as well.

Shelfish Records 1987.


A1 - Bogshed - Raise The Girl
A2 - Bogshed - Geoff's Big Problem
A3 - Bogshed - Old Dog New Dance
A4 - Bogshed - No To Lemon Mash
A5 - Bogshed - I'm The Instrument
A6 - Bogshed - Opportunatist Knocks
B1 - Bogshed - People Equal Greedy
B2 - Bogshed - Sing A Little Tune
B3 - Bogshed - C'Mon Everybody
B4 - Bogshed - Uncle Death Grip
B5 - Bogshed - Spring
B6 - Bogshed - Loaf

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Big Stick - Crack'n'Drag LP

Experimental post-hardcore (well that's kind of misleading, there is really nothing to do with hardcore here, but it's that era so in the absence of a meaningful genre name it'll do - it's post-hardcore like say the Butthole Surfers are post-hardcore) band from the mid-late 80s. "John Peel Faves" (c).

This I think is a comp of 2 EPs - Crack Attack & Drag Racing.

Blast First 1988.


A1 - Big Stick - Crack Attack
A2 - Big Stick - Crack Attack (Remix)
A3 - Big Stick - Billy Jack Paddy Wack
A4 - Big Stick - I'm Amazed
A5 - Big Stick - Friends & Cars (Live At Folk City)
B1 - Big Stick - Shoot The President
B2 - Big Stick - Drag Racing
B3 - Big Stick - I Look Like Shit
B4 - Big Stick - Hell On Earth
B5 - Big Stick - Jesus Was Born (On An Indian Reservation)

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VA - Human Music 2xLP

This is a double LP sampler from Homestead Records, 1988. Some older stuff like Urinals, Embarrassment, a lot of New Zealand/Flying Nun bands, perhaps the only place you'll find the Pastels and GG Allin on the same record? I think a few of these tracks are exclusive to this release. The Bastro song is a different version I'm pretty sure. Death of Samantha do a Pink Fairies cover - one of my favourite early 70s bands.


A1 - Verlaines - Doomsday
A2 - Big Dipper - He Is God
A3 - Live Skull - Alive Again
A4 - Honor Role - Lives Of The Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)
A5 - Urinals - I'm Like You
A6 - My Dad Is Dead - Time Has Come Today
B1 - Great Plains - Standing At The Crosswords
B2 - Half Japanese - Charmed Life
B3 - Salem 66 - Red Barn (Live)
B4 - American Music Club - I'm In Heaven Now
B5 - Pastels - Coming Through
B6 - Nice Strong Arm - Aberration
C1 - Bastro - Flesh-Colored House
C2 - Phantom Tollbooth - Quest
C3 - Tall Dwarfs - Gravity
C4 - Volcano Suns - Ultravixen
C5 - Antietam - Stanley
C6 - Membranes - Wounded Bull In Victorian England
C7 - Happy Flowers - I Wish I Was Adopted
D1 - Chills - Party In My Heart
D2 - Yo La Tengo - Somebody's Baby
D3 - Embarrassment - Two-Week Vacation
D4 - Clean - Oddity (Live)
D5 - Death Of Samantha - Do It
D6 - GG Allin - I'm A Gypsy Motherfucker

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Velvet Monkeys - Rotting Corpse Au Go-Go LP

I'm not sure when this came out. Google tells me 1987, 1989, 1990 etc. It doesn't say anywhere on the sleeve, insert or record. This is a comp of stuff from Everything Is Right cassette (1981) and Future LP (1983).

This band is basically Don Fleming (better known for producing rather than making music) and whoever else he has around to record with. This record is great - I also had at one time Rake (1990) which unfortunately sucks.

Shimmy Disc Records.


A1 - Velvet Monkeys - All The Same
A2 - Velvet Monkeys - Everything Is Right
A3 - Velvet Monkeys - See You Again
A4 - Velvet Monkeys - You're Not There
A5 - Velvet Monkeys - Evelyn Marble
A6 - Velvet Monkeys - Favorite Day
A7 - Velvet Monkeys - World Of
B1 - Velvet Monkeys - Drive In
B2 - Velvet Monkeys - Any Day Now
B3 - Velvet Monkeys - Nothing Unusual
B4 - Velvet Monkeys - Bad-Dirty Blood
B5 - Velvet Monkeys - Second Avenue
B6 - Velvet Monkeys - Velvet Monkey Theme
B7 - Velvet Monkeys - Future

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No Trend - Too Many Humans LP

No Trend were a Flipper/PiL-influenced avant/post-hardcore band from the DC area. They were a confrontational act and didn't fit in with the Dischord scene in Washington DC at the time. Which they were fine with, as they considered the HC scene to be just as conformist as the preppies etc.

This is their 1st album, my copy is on L'Invitation Au Suicide, a sub-label of New Rose Records. I think it was self-released in the US.

Most of No Trend's records are out of print, indeed it's rumoured the band threw the remaining copies into the audience at one of their gigs. AFAIK the only stuff available is a semi-legit comp of their 1st single and early demos/live stuff on Teenbeat Records, and the unreleased Touch & Go album that was reissued a few years ago.


A1 - No Trend - Family Style
A2 - No Trend - Blow Dry
A3 - No Trend - Reality Breakdown
A4 - No Trend - Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group
A5 - No Trend - Fashion Tips For The 80's
A6 - No Trend - Do As You're Told
B1 - No Trend - Too Many Humans
B2 - No Trend - For The Fun Of It All
B3 - No Trend - Mindless Little Insects
B4 - No Trend - Happiness Is...

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Vomit Launch - Exiled Sandwich LP

Vomit Launch were from Chico, California and were active from 1985-1992. This is their 1st proper LP on Rat Box Records from 1988. Prior to that they released a couple of EPs and a cassette.

My favourite Vomit Launch release is the Not Even Pretty (Plus) CD on Teenbeat, which unlike this album is still in print at Teenbeat Records. That includes an excellent cover of "Heart Of Darkness" by Pere Ubu, and my favourite VL song "Hallways".


A1 - Vomit Launch - Bad Acid
A2 - Vomit Launch - What Cross
A3 - Vomit Launch - Pretty Paper
A4 - Vomit Launch - Scraping Willows
A5 - Vomit Launch - Clowns Are Whores
A6 - Vomit Launch - Walk Don't Walk
A7 - Vomit Launch - Weird Song
B1 - Vomit Launch - Swirly Song
B2 - Vomit Launch - Weight Down
B3 - Vomit Launch - Exit Lines
B4 - Vomit Launch - Wane
B5 - Vomit Launch - Simon Says
B6 - Vomit Launch - Lift

Since this album's about to be reissued I've removed the link, sorry.

Kicking Giant - Secret Teenage Summer CS

Here's another cassette-only release by Kicking Giant. This one came out on Loose Leaf in 1991.

If anyone has the January (1989) or Present (1992) cassettes I'd love to hear them.


A1 - Kicking Giant - Fuck The Rules
A2 - Kicking Giant - Go Girl (Riot)
A3 - Kicking Giant - &
A4 - Kicking Giant - The Way That You Are
A5 - Kicking Giant - Dead
B1 - Kicking Giant - Teen Angel
B2 - Kicking Giant - This Sex
B3 - Kicking Giant - If Not You
B4 - Kicking Giant - Rapid-C
B5 - Kicking Giant - Come In Colors

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Saturday, 5 April 2008

VA - Earcom #3 2x7"

3rd and final issue in the series, this one is a double 7" instead of a 12". This one is interesting to me because of the inclusion of "Out Of Vogue" by the Middle Class, which was probably the 1st ever hardcore punk single, although that's a much disputed point. I wonder how much influence, if any, bringing this song to the UK might have had on the emerging faster bands starting up then (Discharge etc). They probably weren't aware of much of the American stuff at that point, at least I think that was the reason Alternative Tentacles put out the Let Them Eat Jellybeans comp a couple of years later. Which I might post later, I may even scan the poster if I can work out how to use the scanner!


A1 - Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt
A2 - Noh Mercy - Revolutionary Spy
B1 - Stupid Babies - Baby Blues
B2 - Stupid Babies - Baby Sitters
B3 - From Chorley - Tablecloth
C1 - D.A.F. - Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit
D1 - Middle Class - Out Of Vogue
D2 - Middle Class - Situations

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VA - Earcom #2 12"

2nd installment, also a 12", also 1979 on Fast Product. This one featured soon-to-be-huge Joy Division, although my favourite songs on this are Thursdays "Perfection" & Basczax "Karleearn Photography".


A1 - Thursdays - Perfection
A2 - Basczax - Celluloid Love
A3 - Basczax - Karleearn Photography
B1 - Joy Division - Auto-Suggestion
B2 - Joy Division - From Safety To Where
B3 - Thursdays - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

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VA - Earcom #1 12"

This 12" compilation came out in 1979 on Fast Product, who also released singles by Gang Of Four, Mekons and Dead Kennedys.

The music is in a post punk/DIY/lo-fi vein. Blank Students are a little more like conventional punk of the time.


A1 - Prats - Prats 2
A2 - Blank Students - Fun At The Fair
A3 - Graph - Drowning
A4 - Blank Students - Background Music
B1 - Prats - Inverness
B2 - Prats - Bored
B3 - Flowers - Criminal Waste
B4 - Flowers - After Dark
B5 - Guest Item - (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures

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VA - Bollox To The Gonads, Here's The Testicles LP

Here's the sequel to the Punk Dead - Nah Mate comp I posted earlier - this one came out in 1984, again on Pax Records. The title is a diss of Garry Bushell's band the Gonads.

There was a 3rd one, Daffodils To The Daffodils Here's The Daffodils, but I don't have that one.

This one has some international bands on it as well as the usual UK suspects - e.g. Savage Circle (USA), Crude SS (Sweden).

There are plans for a Legion Of Parasites compilation CD to come out soon, looking forward to that.


A01 - Mau Maus - Just Another Day
A02 - Savage Circle - Don't Do It
A03 - Legion Of Parasites - Dying World
A04 - Anti System - Schoolboy
A05 - P.S.A. - Yankee
A06 - Xtract - (Waiting For The) Genocide
A07 - Crude SS - Ingenskola
A08 - Repulsive Alien - Say And Do
A09 - Riot Squad - Police Power
A10 - Savage Circle - We Don't Have To
A11 - Subversion - God's A Fairytale
A12 - Skeptix - Traitor
A13 - P.S.A. - Nuclear Peace
A14 - Mau Maus - Running With The Pack
A15 - Instigators - Monkey Man
B01 - Anti System - Why Should It Happen
B02 - Savage Circle - Kill Yourself
B03 - Mau Maus - No Concern
B04 - Canal Terror - Sausbauch
B05 - Xtract - Blame It On The Youth
B06 - P.S.A. - No War
B07 - Instigators - Old Soldiers
B08 - Savage Circle - Kill Corps
B09 - Skeptix - Legion Of The Damned
B10 - Subversion - Death Agony
B11 - Riot Squad - Suspicion
B12 - Crude SS - Vad Du Sager, Vad Jag Jor
B13 - P.S.A. - Black Work
B14 - Legion Of Parasites - Death Watch
B15 - Savage Circle - Hardcore Rules

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Friday, 4 April 2008

Kicking Giant - Boyfriend Girlfriend CS

This cassette was released on Loose Leaf in 1990. There was a CD release in the mid-90s with some songs taken from Kicking Giant's cassette releases (there were about 4 I think), I don't know if the CD was rerecordings or not though.

The band was based in NYC when they made this tape, they relocated to Olympia, Washington in 1992 and put out some records on K.

Those with an aversion to indie should avoid this post!


A1 - Kicking Giant - High
A2 - Kicking Giant - Faster
A3 - Kicking Giant - House Dress
A4 - Kicking Giant - Box
B1 - Kicking Giant - Saturday
B2 - Kicking Giant - Summer Feeling
B3 - Kicking Giant - We Belong Together

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Teddy & the Frat Girls - I Wanna Be A Man 12"

This 12" came out on Alternative Tentacles in 1984, it was a reissue (with 1 extra track) of a 7" by Sheer Smegma from 1980. Sheer Smegma had changed their name in the meantime so the reissue came out with the new name, apparently named after Ted Bundy.

One of the songs, Clubnite, was comped on Killed By Death #5. That's how I first heard of them. It's totally fucked up punk noise, I love this EP.


A1 - Teddy & the Frat Girls - Clubnite
A2 - Teddy & the Frat Girls - Alophen Baby
B1 - Teddy & the Frat Girls - I Wanna Be A Man
B2 - Teddy & the Frat Girls - I Owe It To The Girls
B3 - Teddy & the Frat Girls - The Egg Man Don't Cometh

The last track, The Egg Man Don't Cometh, was not on the original 7".

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VA - Bullshit Detector #3 2xLP

Crass Records released Bullshit Detector #3 in 1984. This was the last one, although another label resurrected the name and released a Bullshit Detector #4 in the 90s. I've never heard that one.

This includes the 1st Napalm Death vinyl appearance, although there's not much similarity with their later grindcore sound, perhaps not surprising since the line-ups changed so often.

The band Xtract are also on the Punk Dead - Nah Mate comp I posted yesterday.


A01 - Avert Aversion - Oh What A Nice Day
A02 - Awake Mankind - Once Upon A Time
A03 - A Nul Noise - Hibashuka
A04 - Animus - Nuclear Piss
A05 - Peroxide - Ministry Of Death
A06 - Untitled - We Are Taught To Kill
A07 - Xtract - Fight For Peace
A08 - Verbal Assault - Not Yet Ron
A09 - Fifth Column - Counterfeit Culture
A10 - Potential Victim - People
B01 - 7th Plague - Rubber Bullets
B02 - Rebel A - Genisis To Genocide
B03 - Alienated - Living In Fear
B04 - Barbed Wire - Weapons Of War
B05 - Rob Williams - Lies
B06 - Reality Control - The War Is Over
B07 - Youthanasia - Power
B08 - Sammy Rubbette & Safety March - The Ballot Of Maggie T
B09 - Politicide - 51st State
B10 - Markus Abused - The Killing Machine
C01 - One Man's Meat - Your Country Misleads You
C02 - Direct Action - Death Without A Thought
C03 - Crag - Voice Your Protest
C04 - Attrition - In Your Hand
C05 - Napalm Death - The Crucifixion Of Possessions
C06 - Impalers - Sun, Sun, Sun
C07 - Health Hazard - Picture
C08 - Phil Hedgehog - Radio Times
C09 - Malice - Faceless
C10 - Michael Kingzett Taylor - Paranoia
D01 - Brainwashed Pupils - The Demonstration
D02 - No Defenses - Work To Consume
D03 - A.N.E.E.B. - Berlin Wall
D04 - Carnage - Carnage
D05 - Warning - Beasts Of Fiction
D06 - State Of Shock - Excess Youth
D07 - Neale Harmer - Hard Nut
D08 - Dead To The World - Action Man
D09 - Dandruff - Life In A Whiskey Bottle
D10 - Richard III - Will You Care
D11 - Funky Rayguns - The Hare And A Tortoise

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Thursday, 3 April 2008

VA - Bullshit Detector #2 2xLP

The 2nd Bullshit Detector came out in 1982, again on Crass Records. Same as the 1st volume, these songs are taken from demo tapes of then unknown bands.

Omega Tribe, XS, Toxic Ephex and Riot Squad (South Africa) are some of my faves, but the stand-out track for me is the Naked song, which was just reissued/remastered etc on (once again) Overground Records, who seem to be on a roll with the anarcho reissues lately.


A01 - Waiting For Bardot - Voice Of U.K.
A02 - Omega Tribe - Nature Wonder
A03 - Suspects - Random Relations
A04 - Your Funeral - Think About It
A05 - Deformed - Freedom
A06 - Kronstadt Uprising - Receiver Deceiver
A07 - No Label - Let's Get It Right
A08 - Rejected - Same Old Songs
B01 - Boffo - Garageland
B02 - XS - Fuck The System
B03 - Polemic Attack - Manipulated Youth
B04 - A.Gardener - A Gardener's Song
B05 - Toxic - Tradition Of Slaughter
B06 - 1984 - Breakup
B07 - Anon - Insert
B08 - Toxik Ephex - Police Brutality
B09 - Sic - Low
B10 - Molitov Cocktail - Ain't Got A Clue
B11 - Naked - Mid 1930s (Pre-War Germany)
C01 - Capital Punishment - We've Realised The Truth Now
C02 - Anthrax - All The Wars
C03 - Endangered Species - Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills)
C04 - Pseudo Sadists - War Games
C05 - Total Chaos - Psycho Analysis
C06 - Dougie - War Without Winners
C07 - St. Vitus Dancers - The Survivor
C08 - Stegz - Christus Erection
C09 - Metro Youth - Brutalised
D01 - Normality Complex - Black Market Shadow
D02 - Youth In Asia - Power & The Glory
D03 - Riot Squad - Security System
D04 - Destructors - Agent Orange
D05 - Pits - UK In Dreamland
D06 - Bored - Riot Style
D07 - Toby Kettle - Theatre Comment
D08 - Chumbawamba - Three Years Later
D09 - Passion Killers - Start Again
D10 - Amerikan Arsenal - Get Off Yr Ass

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VA - Bullshit Detector #1 12"

Released on Crass Records in 1980, this was a compilation of unsigned punk bands taken from demo tapes. As such the sound quality is pretty terrible throughout! Some of these bands would go on to release some great records, such as Amebix, Disrupters, Alternative. Icon changed their name to Icon AD and released a couple of singles with a poppier sound than their track on here. Overground records released a CD compiling those recently. Most of the other bands disappeared into the ether.

Is this the most music anyone's fitted on a 12" at 45RPM? I have no idea why Crass didn't press this at 33.

My favourite songs are Counter Attack, Icon, Eratics & Disrupters.


A01 - Andy T - Jazz On A Summers Day
A02 - Counter Attack - Don't Wanna Fight For You
A03 - Alternative - Change It
A04 - Clockwork Criminals - We Are You
A05 - Reputations In Jeopardy - Girls Love Popstars
A06 - Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living
A07 - Amebix - University Challenged
A08 - Sceptics - Local Chaos
A09 - Sinyx - Mark Of The Beast
A10 - Frenzy Battalion - Thalidomide
A11 - Icon - Cancer
A12 - Speakers - Why
A13 - A.P.F. Brigade - Anarchist Attack
B01 - Fuck The C.I.A. - Right Or Wrong
B02 - Caine Mutiny & The Kallisti Apples Of Nonsense - Morning Star
B03 - Sucks - '3'
B04 - Porno Squad - Khaki Doesn't Go With My Eyes
B05 - S.P.G. Murders - Soldiers
B06 - Eratics - National Service
B07 - Red Alert - Who Needs Society
B08 - Snipers - War Song
B09 - Armchair Power - Power
B10 - Disrupters - Napalm
B11 - Andy T - Nagasaki Mon Amour
B12 - Action Frogs - Drumming Up Hope (Ferret Skank)

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Stormtrooper - I'm A Mess 7"

This single was originally recorded in 1975, but wasn't released until 1977. The A-side was on one of the Bloodstains Across The UK comps. The band weren't consciously trying to play punk, so the story goes, but were accidentally ahead of their time due to their ineptitude! But I love the snotty lyrics. The B-side's OK I suppose, nothing special.

2 Tracks - Solent Records

A - Stormtrooper - I'm A Mess
B - Stormtrooper - It's Not Me

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VA - Skateboard! Summer Sampler 7'' Flexi

I found this flexi in a charity shop in Walthamstow, it originally came with an issue of Skateboard! magazine in I estimate around 1988. Can't find anything about it on Google. Anyway it's a round-up of some of the bigger bands from the late 80s UKHC & grindcore scenes.

The band listed as Jailcell on this is Jailcell Recipes - I'm not sure if that's a mistake on the pressing or they changed their name.

Needs more Ripcord if you ask me.

7 Tracks:

1 - Doctor & The Crippens - Braindead
2 - Napalm Death - Musclehead
3 - Intense Degree - Skate Bored
4 - Sore Throat - Half Pipe...
5 - Sink - Bluesman
6 - Carcass - Supperation
7 - Jailcell - Our Recipes

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Disrupters - Alive In The Electric Chair 12"

Now we have anarcho-punk from Norwich! The Disrupters re-formed last year, and played at the Steve Ignorant gig in November, which I couldn't go to as I was in the US at the time. They are however playing at Rebellion this summer, so hopefully I'll get to see them there.

This EP came out in 1985 on Radical Change Records. Recently Overground Records released a compilation of the Disrupters including lots of previously unreleased tracks - it's called Gas The Punx and you can buy it here!

6 Tracks:

A1 - Disrupters - Give Me A Rush
A2 - Disrupters - God's People
A3 - Disrupters - I'm Still Here
B1 - Disrupters - Tearing Apart
B2 - Disrupters - Well, Where Were You
B3 - Disrupters - Rot In Hell

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Bad Actors - Strange Love 7"

Doesn't seem to be much information out there about this band - this single came out in 1981 on Sophisticated Noise Records. The B-side was on England Belongs To Me #2. The A-side is more arty/post punk.

I thought this was their only single, but then I found this blog post with another!


A - Bad Actors - Strange Love
B - Bad Actors - Energy Society

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Go Team - Singles

Moving away from punk for this one - have to confess I found January, February & July on Slsk - the July 7" is worth about £200 due to some bloke called Kurt playing guitar on it. The other 6 months are ripped from my own copies. I've never seen them all online before - nor have I been able to find the Your Pretty Guitar or Birdcrash cassettes - so if anyone has those I'd love to get a copy...

This band was Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening/K Records and Tobi Vail later of Bikini Kill/Frumpies, usually with guest performers on each single including Everett True (as The Legend!) and aforementioned Kurt Cobain. No connection to the current Brighton band Go! Team. In 1989 they attempted to release a 7" single every month. They got as far as September.

Here's all 9 7"s:

K Records 1989

Go Team - January 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Sand
02 - Go Team - Jigsaw

Go Team - February 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Outside
02 - Go Team - Stay Ready

Go Team - March 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Breakfast In Bed
02 - Go Team - Safe Little Circles

Go Team - April 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Milquetoast Brigade
02 - Go Team - She Was Sad

Go Team - May 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Ribeye
02 - Go Team - 935 Patterson

Go Team - June 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Go Team Call
02 - Go Team - Three Ways To Sunday

Go Team - July 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Bikini Twilight
02 - Go Team - Scratch It Out

Go Team - August 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - Tummy Hop
02 - Go Team - Maverick Summer

Go Team - September 1989 7"
01 - Go Team - The Pines Of Rome (Excerpt)

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VA - Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit LP

Amusingly titled compilation on Pax Records from Sheffield, 1983. The Mau Maus are probably the best known band on this. Xtract only released one single I know of, Blame It On The Youth. The singer of the Septic Psychos is now singing with the re-formed Riot Squad, I saw them last year in London at a ridiculously under-attended gig in Tufnell Park. They're also playing the Rebellion festival in Blackpool this August. Xpozez & the Mau Maus both have singles collections available on GTA & Captain Oi! Records respectively.

12 Tracks:

A1 - Mau Maus - Give Us A Future
A2 - Xtract - War Heroes
A3 - Anti System - Man's World
A4 - Mania - Power To The People
A5 - Xpozez - Factory Fodder
A6 - Septic Psychos - Not Wanted
A7 - Anti System - Breakout
B1 - Xtract - Aftermath
B2 - Septic Psychos - The Thatcher
B3 - Xpozez - No Respect
B4 - Mau Maus - Clampdown
B5 - Mania - Stick Together

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VA - Thrash Til Death LP

This is an absolute classic Japanese hardcore comp from 1987. Split release between Selfish Records in Japan & Pusmort Records in the US. All 4 bands are legends, my favourite is probably Gauze, who released a new album this year - and they still thrash like fuck!

And I think my rip sounds a lot better than the Coretic CD that came out on JPC records. I assume that's a bootleg, I bought it anyway. And I bothered to split the songs into separate tracks, which is more than JPC did!

21 Tracks:

A01 - Lip Cream - Giri
A02 - Lip Cream - Bloody Summer
A03 - Lip Cream - In Your Mouth
A04 - Lip Cream - Don't Speak Too Much
A05 - Lip Cream - Omei
A06 - Systematic Death - Tonight
A07 - Systematic Death - Jap Gate
A08 - Systematic Death - Disobey
A09 - Systematic Death - Be Dead Gone Annie
A10 - Systematic Death - Don't Stop My Way
B01 - Gauze - Don't Do Too Much
B02 - Gauze - Hit And Smash It
B03 - Gauze - Passion Fashion
B04 - Gauze - Screw
B05 - Gauze - Let Go It Self
B06 - Outo - Slag
B07 - Outo - Risky Risky
B08 - Outo - Rise From The Dead
B09 - Outo - Leatherface
B10 - Outo - Warriors
B11 - Outo - Slag Outro

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Radio Free Europe - It Likes You 7"

This band was from Austin, Texas and features on one of the Hyped 2 Death Homework comps (with one of the tracks from their debut 2x7" History Of The Invisible Dog).

I also have their LP LaughOnCue, which I can post later if anyone's interested. The title track from this single is on it, the rest of the album is much more arty and experimental, similar to the B-side A Couple Screams.

Now if anyone has the History Of The Invisible Dog single in digital form, I'd love to hear the rest of it, as the Homework track "Alien Day" is my favourite song of theirs! I can't afford the EBay prices for that one...

2 tracks - MiG Records 1980

A. It Likes You
B. A Couple Screams

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The Pigs - Youthanasia 7"

Don't have much information about this band, the single was recorded in Bristol, England in 1977. DIY punk sound, would fit on Messthetics (if it's not on one already, I didn't check). As far as I know this was their only release, if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!

4 tracks - on New Bristol Records

A1. Youthanasia
A2. They Say
B1. Psychopath
B2. National Front

Welcome to the blog, I have no idea how much time I'm going to spend on doing this at the moment...

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