Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Another Fine Mess - Demo Tape

I grew up in Worcester, England, a city not known for its musical heritage. In fact it's a city not known for anything much apart from sauce. I was in my teens in the early 90s and started going to see bands play in pubs like the Horn & Trumpet. Another Fine Mess were the best band I saw there, although I have to give a shout out to the Berts as well.

This is their demo tape from I guess around 1993 or so. It's indie/punk in a sort of Mega City Four style. I think the highlight of this band's career was probably opening for Pop Will Eat Itself.

They released one album "Million Smiles" which I may post later if anyone cares.


1 - Was It Me
2 - What Do You Know
3 - Million Miles Away

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Vom said...

Get it here:

Trevor said...

Great blog. I enjoyed this demo and would be interested in hearing their album if you get around to posting it. Thanks!

Roland said...


I played bass in Another Fine Mess for the whole time we were together. Great times, loved the Berts and Blobnut (another great punk rock 'n' roll band from Worcester). Can't believe somebody has still got a copy of this demo.
Glad Trevor enjoyed it!
All the best,

Jane said...

I'm amazed anybody even remembers these. I saw them two or three times when they played at the Racehorse in Northampton, and they went down really well as I remember. I think they'd changed direction and singer by the last time I saw them. I bought the CD off them but sold it later. It'd be great to hear it again (hint, hint).

roland said...

Hi Jane,

Yeah we did play the Racehorse quite a few times, usually on our own I seem to recall, but once we supported Nine Nine Nine there. Nick Cash asked to borrow an amp! On that particular occasion we were given egg and chips, Ah the heady heights of Rock 'n' Roll. Would burn you a copy of the LP, but I'm kinda based in Poland at the moment and don't have a copy with me.


BOZ MUGABE said...

I always wondered what happened to this band.. nice to pick up this tape... the version of WAS IT ME is far superior to the one on the MILLION SMILES CD. I played their 2 tapes to death ( literally ) and featured this band for Nosebleed Fanzine back in 1992 ( which coincidentally is getting the Anthology treatment to be published next year so AFM will have their 2 pages of fame rehashed!! ) I can stick the CD somewhere downloadable if anyone wants to hear it!!

Anonymous said...

i have that said tape, i was in a band called 'schwab' we gigged with the messies loads, loved the scene back then, still in and around the scene in worcester lol....

simoncopson said...

Loved the Messies and used to see them all the time with Spyda, Vince and the rest of the Worcester Punks at the time. Still have a copy of the CD and still play it in the car! remember Messies supporting Buzzcocks at the Northway and also the Stranglers although the latter were a bunch of twats to the support bands as I recall.
Also liked The Berts and The Samples and have heard that Pas is looking at reforming them later this year!


funbugscum said...

Hi Ro,
And cheers for uploading this demo, I lost mine years ago??? But never forgot it!! (Ro Sent it me).
I was in a band that used to annoy AFM alot!!! & still am?
See Ya soon JxSxN FxNBxG