Monday, 7 April 2008

Big Stick - Crack'n'Drag LP

Experimental post-hardcore (well that's kind of misleading, there is really nothing to do with hardcore here, but it's that era so in the absence of a meaningful genre name it'll do - it's post-hardcore like say the Butthole Surfers are post-hardcore) band from the mid-late 80s. "John Peel Faves" (c).

This I think is a comp of 2 EPs - Crack Attack & Drag Racing.

Blast First 1988.


A1 - Big Stick - Crack Attack
A2 - Big Stick - Crack Attack (Remix)
A3 - Big Stick - Billy Jack Paddy Wack
A4 - Big Stick - I'm Amazed
A5 - Big Stick - Friends & Cars (Live At Folk City)
B1 - Big Stick - Shoot The President
B2 - Big Stick - Drag Racing
B3 - Big Stick - I Look Like Shit
B4 - Big Stick - Hell On Earth
B5 - Big Stick - Jesus Was Born (On An Indian Reservation)

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Vom said...

Here it is:

pb said...

ah ha, so someone else actually admits to liking this record! they were one of the few underground bands from the late '80s who took hiphop/sampling/etc. as a serious influence. however, they well and truly distorted it for their own ends. still stands up well after all this time...

Anonymous said...

I love it! Been looking for this for a while Thanks.

sexy said...








awesome album!!! crack attack!!! i want my money back!!!!

sweetbeats said...

Loved this as a kid they ROCK !!

Why does Sexy post loads of crap on blogs that shit is all over mine as well...TWAT.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is sister and brother team. They were waaaaaaay ahead of their time. I was shown Drag Racing video they did while I was in W.Germany. The videos are well worth tracking down too. Man I would have loved to see these guys do their thing!!!!