Wednesday, 2 April 2008

VA - Thrash Til Death LP

This is an absolute classic Japanese hardcore comp from 1987. Split release between Selfish Records in Japan & Pusmort Records in the US. All 4 bands are legends, my favourite is probably Gauze, who released a new album this year - and they still thrash like fuck!

And I think my rip sounds a lot better than the Coretic CD that came out on JPC records. I assume that's a bootleg, I bought it anyway. And I bothered to split the songs into separate tracks, which is more than JPC did!

21 Tracks:

A01 - Lip Cream - Giri
A02 - Lip Cream - Bloody Summer
A03 - Lip Cream - In Your Mouth
A04 - Lip Cream - Don't Speak Too Much
A05 - Lip Cream - Omei
A06 - Systematic Death - Tonight
A07 - Systematic Death - Jap Gate
A08 - Systematic Death - Disobey
A09 - Systematic Death - Be Dead Gone Annie
A10 - Systematic Death - Don't Stop My Way
B01 - Gauze - Don't Do Too Much
B02 - Gauze - Hit And Smash It
B03 - Gauze - Passion Fashion
B04 - Gauze - Screw
B05 - Gauze - Let Go It Self
B06 - Outo - Slag
B07 - Outo - Risky Risky
B08 - Outo - Rise From The Dead
B09 - Outo - Leatherface
B10 - Outo - Warriors
B11 - Outo - Slag Outro

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Vom said...

Here it is:

cavity said...

Awesome stuff

Hyperkrab said...

Oh yes ! More old punk and noise available from the Church of Zer. Zer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a hell of a lot for this!!!


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