Monday, 7 April 2008

Velvet Monkeys - Rotting Corpse Au Go-Go LP

I'm not sure when this came out. Google tells me 1987, 1989, 1990 etc. It doesn't say anywhere on the sleeve, insert or record. This is a comp of stuff from Everything Is Right cassette (1981) and Future LP (1983).

This band is basically Don Fleming (better known for producing rather than making music) and whoever else he has around to record with. This record is great - I also had at one time Rake (1990) which unfortunately sucks.

Shimmy Disc Records.


A1 - Velvet Monkeys - All The Same
A2 - Velvet Monkeys - Everything Is Right
A3 - Velvet Monkeys - See You Again
A4 - Velvet Monkeys - You're Not There
A5 - Velvet Monkeys - Evelyn Marble
A6 - Velvet Monkeys - Favorite Day
A7 - Velvet Monkeys - World Of
B1 - Velvet Monkeys - Drive In
B2 - Velvet Monkeys - Any Day Now
B3 - Velvet Monkeys - Nothing Unusual
B4 - Velvet Monkeys - Bad-Dirty Blood
B5 - Velvet Monkeys - Second Avenue
B6 - Velvet Monkeys - Velvet Monkey Theme
B7 - Velvet Monkeys - Future

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Vom said...

Here it is:

BaM said...

The cassette version had the contents of the vinyl record one one side and some 40 minutes of bonus material on the other. Here is the latter, ripped from tape.

Anonymous said...

"All the same" is just great. I once had this on CD way back when, so thanks for including it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thx a lotta.

Anonymous said...

Any chance on a re-up? the link is dead