Monday, 5 May 2008

Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where 7''

Jeri Rossi used to be in Your Funeral, about whom I know nothing, so if anyone has any of their stuff please let me know! This is all she released solo, unless I'm mistaken. The A-side was reissued on Hyped 2 Death's Homework series a few years ago.

Local Anesthetic 1983


A - Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
B - Jeri Rossi - It's A Mans Mans Mans World

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Vom said...

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Well, I know nothing about Your Funeral either but, as I see that nobody's answering, I'm gonna state the (maybe) obvious - the other day I downloaded the Bullshit Detector II here (thanks!) and a song jumped to my ears - a noisy song by a band named, precisely, Your Funeral. The same?
Fernando :O

Vom said...

I had to dig out the record this morning to check this out! Thanks for noticing - unfortunately it's a different band - the Bullshit Detector Your Funeral is from York, England, Jeri Rossi is from the USA.

However, doing a bit of googling I found this blog had posted this record already, and also a Your Funeral single! Link to that is here:

Anonymous said...

Just found by chance that YF are mentioned on Steven Blush's American HC, p 272 - he only lists them as an "unmemorable act" together with White Trash, Bum-Con and others! On the discography, he mentions their only EP. Thanks for the link!
Fernando :)

Anonymous said...

She also used to be part of Black Cat Bone.

I managed to get one track here:
I want to be you...

The Chairman said...

I saw Black Cat Bone many times in the Boston area- an amazing band. I have a mixed tape of Black Cat Bone songs & Jeri Cain Rossi solo songs that Jeri kindly made for me in New Orleans (pre-Katrina). I am going to attempt to get it put on CD because it's extremely rare. Jeri lives in SF at the moment although I don't think I have a contact for her. I would desperately like to get a copy of either the BCB 7" or the My Funeral 7". There is one video of BCB on Youtube doing the YF song "I Wanna Be You"