Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Disrupters - Alive In The Electric Chair 12"

Now we have anarcho-punk from Norwich! The Disrupters re-formed last year, and played at the Steve Ignorant gig in November, which I couldn't go to as I was in the US at the time. They are however playing at Rebellion this summer, so hopefully I'll get to see them there.

This EP came out in 1985 on Radical Change Records. Recently Overground Records released a compilation of the Disrupters including lots of previously unreleased tracks - it's called Gas The Punx and you can buy it here!

6 Tracks:

A1 - Disrupters - Give Me A Rush
A2 - Disrupters - God's People
A3 - Disrupters - I'm Still Here
B1 - Disrupters - Tearing Apart
B2 - Disrupters - Well, Where Were You
B3 - Disrupters - Rot In Hell

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