Monday, 7 April 2008

VA - Human Music 2xLP

This is a double LP sampler from Homestead Records, 1988. Some older stuff like Urinals, Embarrassment, a lot of New Zealand/Flying Nun bands, perhaps the only place you'll find the Pastels and GG Allin on the same record? I think a few of these tracks are exclusive to this release. The Bastro song is a different version I'm pretty sure. Death of Samantha do a Pink Fairies cover - one of my favourite early 70s bands.


A1 - Verlaines - Doomsday
A2 - Big Dipper - He Is God
A3 - Live Skull - Alive Again
A4 - Honor Role - Lives Of The Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)
A5 - Urinals - I'm Like You
A6 - My Dad Is Dead - Time Has Come Today
B1 - Great Plains - Standing At The Crosswords
B2 - Half Japanese - Charmed Life
B3 - Salem 66 - Red Barn (Live)
B4 - American Music Club - I'm In Heaven Now
B5 - Pastels - Coming Through
B6 - Nice Strong Arm - Aberration
C1 - Bastro - Flesh-Colored House
C2 - Phantom Tollbooth - Quest
C3 - Tall Dwarfs - Gravity
C4 - Volcano Suns - Ultravixen
C5 - Antietam - Stanley
C6 - Membranes - Wounded Bull In Victorian England
C7 - Happy Flowers - I Wish I Was Adopted
D1 - Chills - Party In My Heart
D2 - Yo La Tengo - Somebody's Baby
D3 - Embarrassment - Two-Week Vacation
D4 - Clean - Oddity (Live)
D5 - Death Of Samantha - Do It
D6 - GG Allin - I'm A Gypsy Motherfucker

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Vom said...

Here it is:
Disc 1
Disc 2

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, I have to check this out for I'm a big NICE STRONG ARM fan, and this must be a non-LP track on this sampler.

Anonymous said...

you're a god
...well, maybe not a GOD...
You're a Prince among bloggers. And I don't mean THAT Prince either.

still-life said...

great! ...wicked blog!