Monday, 7 April 2008

Vomit Launch - Exiled Sandwich LP

Vomit Launch were from Chico, California and were active from 1985-1992. This is their 1st proper LP on Rat Box Records from 1988. Prior to that they released a couple of EPs and a cassette.

My favourite Vomit Launch release is the Not Even Pretty (Plus) CD on Teenbeat, which unlike this album is still in print at Teenbeat Records. That includes an excellent cover of "Heart Of Darkness" by Pere Ubu, and my favourite VL song "Hallways".


A1 - Vomit Launch - Bad Acid
A2 - Vomit Launch - What Cross
A3 - Vomit Launch - Pretty Paper
A4 - Vomit Launch - Scraping Willows
A5 - Vomit Launch - Clowns Are Whores
A6 - Vomit Launch - Walk Don't Walk
A7 - Vomit Launch - Weird Song
B1 - Vomit Launch - Swirly Song
B2 - Vomit Launch - Weight Down
B3 - Vomit Launch - Exit Lines
B4 - Vomit Launch - Wane
B5 - Vomit Launch - Simon Says
B6 - Vomit Launch - Lift

Since this album's about to be reissued I've removed the link, sorry.


Larry Crane said...

This album will be up at iTunes and Amazon in early Sept. It will sound better as I transferred it off the original tapes and mastered it. Thanks for caring though. I'm not about to get mad that someone posted it!
Larry Crane,

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