Wednesday, 2 April 2008

VA - Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit LP

Amusingly titled compilation on Pax Records from Sheffield, 1983. The Mau Maus are probably the best known band on this. Xtract only released one single I know of, Blame It On The Youth. The singer of the Septic Psychos is now singing with the re-formed Riot Squad, I saw them last year in London at a ridiculously under-attended gig in Tufnell Park. They're also playing the Rebellion festival in Blackpool this August. Xpozez & the Mau Maus both have singles collections available on GTA & Captain Oi! Records respectively.

12 Tracks:

A1 - Mau Maus - Give Us A Future
A2 - Xtract - War Heroes
A3 - Anti System - Man's World
A4 - Mania - Power To The People
A5 - Xpozez - Factory Fodder
A6 - Septic Psychos - Not Wanted
A7 - Anti System - Breakout
B1 - Xtract - Aftermath
B2 - Septic Psychos - The Thatcher
B3 - Xpozez - No Respect
B4 - Mau Maus - Clampdown
B5 - Mania - Stick Together

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