Saturday, 5 April 2008

VA - Earcom #2 12"

2nd installment, also a 12", also 1979 on Fast Product. This one featured soon-to-be-huge Joy Division, although my favourite songs on this are Thursdays "Perfection" & Basczax "Karleearn Photography".


A1 - Thursdays - Perfection
A2 - Basczax - Celluloid Love
A3 - Basczax - Karleearn Photography
B1 - Joy Division - Auto-Suggestion
B2 - Joy Division - From Safety To Where
B3 - Thursdays - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

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Vom said...

Here it is:

Monty said...

Waowww!...thanks for these!...I bought Earcom 1 and 2 when they came out so it's great to be able to chuck them on a cd and listen to them again.The vinyl is stashed no more than 12 feet from where I'm sitting (in the loft)but pathetically, I don't seem to have the time to play and listen to vinyl any more.This is what 'growing up' and 'growing old' and working for evil,greedy bastards seems to entail...endless fatigue,hardly time to live,falling asleep instead of rock 'n' rollin'...'Karleearn Photography' is an unknown classic,The Prats were...WHAT???...they invented lo-fi,hardcore ( I've got 'Disco Pope' somewhere)...I bought 'After Dark' on 7'' and played it to death...thank fuck for cd's...keep up the good work,pal...these records show what brilliant rock'n'roll can result WHEN YOU THROW AWAY THE RULE BOOK!!! Cheers,Monty(aged 54 and 1/4)