Friday, 4 April 2008

Kicking Giant - Boyfriend Girlfriend CS

This cassette was released on Loose Leaf in 1990. There was a CD release in the mid-90s with some songs taken from Kicking Giant's cassette releases (there were about 4 I think), I don't know if the CD was rerecordings or not though.

The band was based in NYC when they made this tape, they relocated to Olympia, Washington in 1992 and put out some records on K.

Those with an aversion to indie should avoid this post!


A1 - Kicking Giant - High
A2 - Kicking Giant - Faster
A3 - Kicking Giant - House Dress
A4 - Kicking Giant - Box
B1 - Kicking Giant - Saturday
B2 - Kicking Giant - Summer Feeling
B3 - Kicking Giant - We Belong Together

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