Thursday, 3 April 2008

VA - Bullshit Detector #2 2xLP

The 2nd Bullshit Detector came out in 1982, again on Crass Records. Same as the 1st volume, these songs are taken from demo tapes of then unknown bands.

Omega Tribe, XS, Toxic Ephex and Riot Squad (South Africa) are some of my faves, but the stand-out track for me is the Naked song, which was just reissued/remastered etc on (once again) Overground Records, who seem to be on a roll with the anarcho reissues lately.


A01 - Waiting For Bardot - Voice Of U.K.
A02 - Omega Tribe - Nature Wonder
A03 - Suspects - Random Relations
A04 - Your Funeral - Think About It
A05 - Deformed - Freedom
A06 - Kronstadt Uprising - Receiver Deceiver
A07 - No Label - Let's Get It Right
A08 - Rejected - Same Old Songs
B01 - Boffo - Garageland
B02 - XS - Fuck The System
B03 - Polemic Attack - Manipulated Youth
B04 - A.Gardener - A Gardener's Song
B05 - Toxic - Tradition Of Slaughter
B06 - 1984 - Breakup
B07 - Anon - Insert
B08 - Toxik Ephex - Police Brutality
B09 - Sic - Low
B10 - Molitov Cocktail - Ain't Got A Clue
B11 - Naked - Mid 1930s (Pre-War Germany)
C01 - Capital Punishment - We've Realised The Truth Now
C02 - Anthrax - All The Wars
C03 - Endangered Species - Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills)
C04 - Pseudo Sadists - War Games
C05 - Total Chaos - Psycho Analysis
C06 - Dougie - War Without Winners
C07 - St. Vitus Dancers - The Survivor
C08 - Stegz - Christus Erection
C09 - Metro Youth - Brutalised
D01 - Normality Complex - Black Market Shadow
D02 - Youth In Asia - Power & The Glory
D03 - Riot Squad - Security System
D04 - Destructors - Agent Orange
D05 - Pits - UK In Dreamland
D06 - Bored - Riot Style
D07 - Toby Kettle - Theatre Comment
D08 - Chumbawamba - Three Years Later
D09 - Passion Killers - Start Again
D10 - Amerikan Arsenal - Get Off Yr Ass

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Vom said...

Here it is:
Disc 1
Disc 2

Anonymous said...

Finally! I wanted to hear this “bullshit” for ages (vol 1 2; I had nº 3 from back in 1985 or something, so it's been a while till I found the others!). Thanks a lot!
Btw nice blog, cheers!

Fernando :)

PS I wonder if the "A. Gardener" are the obscure band named Avant Gardener which had an EP in Virgin in 1977 and ended up doing a couple of LP's in Italy, anybody knows?

tattiemannie said...

Just a wee note tae tell ye, toxik ephex are back in bizz ... and we're funny as fuck!

sexy said...