Saturday, 7 June 2008

Seize - Everybody Dies 7"

I first heard a song off this single from one of Hyped 2 Death's Bad Teeth compilations. That series was dedicated to UK punk (hence the name) and has sadly been discontinued. I emailed Chuck at H2D and he said they stopped doing it because there were plenty of other people doing a better job of compiling the same stuff - I have to disagree, there were plenty of songs on the Bad Teeth comps I have that I haven't seen on any Killed By Death or Bloodstains Across The UK comps. I'd love to see a resurrected Bad Teeth series.

The band released a few other 7"s in the early 80s and in the late 80s a 12" with a different sound, almost like a C86-era indie band rather than a punk band. I'll post that record later.

Why Not Records 1982


A1 - Seize - Everybody Dies
A2 - Seize - 17 To 11
B1 - Seize - In For Me
B2 - Seize - Out Of Order

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