Monday, 7 April 2008

Bogshed - Brutal LP

Yes, more indie. I've got Infest coming, don't worry.

Bogshed were one of the harsher bands on the C86 compilation. Nowadays C86 stands for the twee/indiepop bands like Pastels/Shop Assistants/Talulah Gosh etc (which I also love) but there was a lot of left-field stuff like Big Flame, Stump, Shrubs etc on there as well.

Shelfish Records 1987.


A1 - Bogshed - Raise The Girl
A2 - Bogshed - Geoff's Big Problem
A3 - Bogshed - Old Dog New Dance
A4 - Bogshed - No To Lemon Mash
A5 - Bogshed - I'm The Instrument
A6 - Bogshed - Opportunatist Knocks
B1 - Bogshed - People Equal Greedy
B2 - Bogshed - Sing A Little Tune
B3 - Bogshed - C'Mon Everybody
B4 - Bogshed - Uncle Death Grip
B5 - Bogshed - Spring
B6 - Bogshed - Loaf

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