Monday, 7 April 2008

No Trend - Too Many Humans LP

No Trend were a Flipper/PiL-influenced avant/post-hardcore band from the DC area. They were a confrontational act and didn't fit in with the Dischord scene in Washington DC at the time. Which they were fine with, as they considered the HC scene to be just as conformist as the preppies etc.

This is their 1st album, my copy is on L'Invitation Au Suicide, a sub-label of New Rose Records. I think it was self-released in the US.

Most of No Trend's records are out of print, indeed it's rumoured the band threw the remaining copies into the audience at one of their gigs. AFAIK the only stuff available is a semi-legit comp of their 1st single and early demos/live stuff on Teenbeat Records, and the unreleased Touch & Go album that was reissued a few years ago.


A1 - No Trend - Family Style
A2 - No Trend - Blow Dry
A3 - No Trend - Reality Breakdown
A4 - No Trend - Kiss Ass To Your Peer Group
A5 - No Trend - Fashion Tips For The 80's
A6 - No Trend - Do As You're Told
B1 - No Trend - Too Many Humans
B2 - No Trend - For The Fun Of It All
B3 - No Trend - Mindless Little Insects
B4 - No Trend - Happiness Is...

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Vom said...

Here it is:

Slobodan Burgher said...

I like this, very gloomy isn't it? I think CuriousGuy at Phoneix Hairpins posted this ages ago. I think he's also got the second LP which is kind of love-goth-core...

Thanks for the comment by the way!


Hello there!
Just found your blog.
Thanks for linking to me.If I'd have known I would have added you sooner :)
Great blog!Keep up the good work.

Curious Guy said...

Classic stuff! added a link on my blog as well.

Vom said...

Thanks for the comments! Maybe somebody is actually reading this after all :P

The 2nd LP is really great as well yeah - my favourite will always be Teen Love though. Relentless nihilistic hate really does it for me I guess!

sexy said...