Monday, 7 April 2008

Happy Flowers - My Skin Covers My Body LP

Brilliant noise rock from Mr Anus & Mr Horribly Charred Infant!

Homestead Records 1987.


A1 - Happy Flowers - The Sun That Burns
A2 - Happy Flowers - Left Behind
A3 - Happy Flowers - Jenny Tried To Kiss Me At Recess
A4 - Happy Flowers - Toastfire
A5 - Happy Flowers - Why Didn't You Tell Me You Were Bringing Home A Baby
A6 - Happy Flowers - Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
B1 - Happy Flowers - Not Fade Away
B2 - Happy Flowers - I'm Bored
B3 - Happy Flowers - Let Me See Your Hand
B4 - Happy Flowers - Stop Eating
B5 - Happy Flowers - I Wet The Bed Again
B6 - Happy Flowers - If It Was Broken You'd Be Screaming
B7 - Happy Flowers - Love Theme From Kiss

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Vom said...

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Thx for this!

Charlie M said...


Excuse me for posting in the wrong place....
Re:- "Requests - Some Things I'm Looking For.....Atrox - Hit The Oxide! + Atrox - Screaming At Deaf Ears

I was the singer in Atrox. There ARE plans for a CD (or vinyl maybe) issue of these 2 demos plus the earlier Shock To The System demo, BUT it's on hold at the moment - money being the deciding factor! Visit for all the info you can eat on the band(s) and the Dorset coastal scene of the early-mid 80s.
Click on the "XXX Comments >>" link at the bottom of the home page for an insane amount of extra trivia!

For sample Atrox tracks (as well as other Dorset bands of the era) go to... (add in the www)


Good luck,

I Am The Angel said...

HOW DID YOU GET THIS?! I've been looking forever for this. THANK YOU!!!

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Beautiful music!

JIM HAYES said...

this is a classic