Friday, 16 May 2008

Victory Acres / Joke Flowers split LP

This was a request of mine kindly filled by Donut Duck from The Blasting Concept

Released on Placebo Records, home to the JFA, the US Conflict etc.

Featuring members of Meat Puppets, Mighty Sphincter, Feederz & Sun City Girls.


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dangerous Girls - Man In The Glass 7"

The Dangerous Girls were from Birmingham, England, and guess what - THERE WERE NO GIRLS IN THE BAND! Blimey. The band name came from a newspaper headline.

I was happy to note that both this and their first (eponymous) single was recorded really near to where I grew up - Kempsey in Worcestershire, I believe at the same studio as the 1st Lurkers album. Both sides of the 1st single have just been reissued on Messthetics, so I'm posting this one instead - the B side has been on one of the older bootleg Messthetics albums. The song Dangerous Girls is an all-time classic. So Buy Messthetics!

Human Records 1980


A - Dangerous Girls - Man In The Glass
B - Dangerous Girls - MO7S

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where 7''

Jeri Rossi used to be in Your Funeral, about whom I know nothing, so if anyone has any of their stuff please let me know! This is all she released solo, unless I'm mistaken. The A-side was reissued on Hyped 2 Death's Homework series a few years ago.

Local Anesthetic 1983


A - Jeri Rossi - I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
B - Jeri Rossi - It's A Mans Mans Mans World

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Pocket Fishrmen - The Leader Is Burning 7"

First heard of this single because it was in that box of John Peel's favourite records. Found a copy of it not long afterwards in a shop in Camden.

The band later released an album called Future Gods Of Rock in 1993, but it's not up to much unfortunately. Unlike this single!

Noiseville Records 1989


A - Pocket Fishrmen - The Leader Is Burning
B - Pocket Fishrmen - Yr Story

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Stretchheads - Five Fingers Four Thingers A Thumb A Facelift And A New Identity LP

Jarring post-hardcore noise rock from Scotland here. A bit like the Ex but more abrasive and swapping the politics for absurdism. With added Kylie Minogue cover.

Moksha Records 1988


A01 - Stretchheads - Fans
A02 - Stretchheads - Long Faced German
A03 - Stretchheads - Headache
A04 - Stretchheads - Asylum Suck
A05 - Stretchheads - Skinrip
A06 - Stretchheads - Yiddish Yoddle
A07 - Stretchheads - Shape & Cleanse
A08 - Stretchheads - Land Of Ming
A09 - Stretchheads - Rex Perplexed
A10 - Stretchheads - Semtex
A11 - Stretchheads - Untitled
B01 - Stretchheads - I Should Be So Lucky
B02 - Stretchheads - Confront
B03 - Stretchheads - Sidatorium
B04 - Stretchheads - Spleng
B05 - Stretchheads - Archive Footage Of A Fish
B06 - Stretchheads - Jaw Box
B07 - Stretchheads - Chicken Fish
B08 - Stretchheads - Everything's Going To Brake In A Minute
B09 - Stretchheads - Illness
B10 - Stretchheads - Cancer
B11 - Stretchheads - Shut Up

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VA - Life's Tough For The Stupid 2x7"

Double 7" compilation of scumrock from this Philadelphia label.

Rave Records 1990


A - More Fiends - Big Tea Party
B - Starvation Army - Conquistador
C - Big Thing - De Nile
D - Reverb Motherfuckers - Ballad

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The Runs - Bun In The Oven 7"

As far as I know this is the Runs' only single. The band was from Buntingford, Hertfordshire. It was only released in Germany with a picture sleeve, which I managed to find. It has the same song on both sides, but some of the more risque words are bleeped out on the Censored version - not that they're particularly rude - it's just stuff like "pill" and "coil".

Rocktopus Records 1980


A - Bun In The Oven
B - Bun In The Oven (Censored)

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Saturday, 3 May 2008

This Country

I'd like to dedicate this tune to the citizens of London.